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Door Jamb – Doorframe Reinforcement Solution

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Why Does My Family Need a Door Devil™?
Alarms Don’t Stop Kicks.

● Once the Alarm goes off – it’s too late – dangerous men are already in your house
● If the door is kicked, your deadbolt is typically useless

Most families are completely defenseless against a Kick-In Burglar attack.
Until that changes, Door-Kick-in’s will remain #1 method of entry for burglars.

Thirty Minutes and (as low as) $59 can virtually eliminate this risk.



The Latest Door Devil™ Success Story
Door Devil Saves Woman From Attack: POSTED MARCH 2014

Door Security | Door Devil

Door Jamb Reinforcement | As Low As $59
The Classic White Door Devil™ is only $59 when you buy one for your front and back doors. No home security precaution costs so little, but can save so much.

Door Security | Does It Really Work?
Read Real-Life Police Testimonials that show how a Door Devil™ Door Reinforcement solution saved property and potentially lives. The key is to reinforce the entire doorway: the door jamb, door (itself) and the hinges.


2014′s Top 3 Home Security Trends
Read about Door Devil and 2014′s Top 3 Home Security Trends: WRAL TV

Door Security | Door Devil

Home Security | The Missing Link
An Alarm system is an excellent preventative measure, but it won’t stop criminals from entering your home or causing $500 damage to your front door. Many homeowners heavily invest in home security systems only to have their exterior door kicked-in. Criminals (and property) are gone before Police can respond.

Simply taking 30 minutes to install a Door Devil™ can save your family thousands.
It is not “Either – Or” with Alarm Systems and Door Devils. You need both.