The product chosen by a U.S. Embassy

If the US Embassy trusts Door Devil to defend our personnel overseas; so can your family.

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70% of Burglars breach doorways

Door Devil defends against this #1 method of entry by allowing your deadbolt to do its job.

Door Devil is the ultimate in doorway security. Imitations provide promises. Door Devil provides proof. No other solution provides mechanical engineering testing and so many actual examples from law enforcement of the product working in real-life. This is the reason the Embassy chose Door Devil overall other products.

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Without Door Devil there can be no home security.

Once the alarm goes off- It’s already too late. Bad guys are already in your house. That is why Door Security is the first step in home security. 

Alarms are highly recommended, but doorways can provide up to 2 minutes to enter the security code. A lot of bad things can happen in 2 minutes.

Most homeowners don’t realize their deadbolt can’t do its job without a reinforced doorframe.

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Door Devil stops bad guy from kicking down door

“The homeowner (and Police Officer) installed a Door Devil on their family home only weeks before the attack. While running errands during the day, a neighbor spotted bad guys on the front porch taking turns trying to kick in the front door…”

– Responding Officer

Burglars Return, Door Devil Defends Home

“I answered a call where I saw the Door Devil work first hand. I responded to a burglary of residence….when I arrived with another officer, we noticed the front door had been kicked multiple times…”

– Responding Officer

Door Devil Stops Another Burglary

“I was very impressed with the Door Devil and look forward to putting it on my house….It appears the suspect stood with his back to the door and kicked backwards with a great deal of force but was unable to defeat the Door Devil. I specifically took a picture of the door to show…”

– Responding Officer

Secure your home in minutes.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Installing a Door Devil is fast and easy.