The Door Devil Story

Door Devil was created to give people a better option for home security.

When my wife and I moved into a new neighborhood, we were concerned about the frequency of burglaries in the area. We looked for ways to protect our home, but we were disappointed with the home security products we found on the market today.

We knew there had to be a better way. 

We created Door Devil to help homeowners secure their home for an affordable price. The first Door Devil was installed at our home and shortly after, at our neighbor’s home.

After our product successfully stopped a burglary from occurring at our neighbor’s house, we knew we were onto something. Door Devil is the reason why our home and our neighbors’ homes remain secure, and we know it can do the same for you. 

Improve Your Home Security Plan

Door Devil provides an extra layer of defense against kick-in burglaries. 

“Security” is a common industry category/term to allow customers to easily find and describe a family of products and services that can help improve the home’s defenses. Please be aware that no “security” product, measure or device by itself or in aggregate is 100% guaranteed to stop a determined criminal. 

Purchasing or adding a Door Devil does not mean or imply that your home is 100% “secure”. It is not. Adding layers of defense such as Alarm Systems, Video Systems and Door Devils significantly increase the chances that your home will either not be targeted and/or able to successfully repel an attack if it were to occur. However and ultimately, these solutions – including Door Devils – are unable to guarantee the prevention or stop the commission of a crime.

No single component can provide your family security because no single component addresses all the vulnerabilities. Even if you address all the risks, the sad truth is that a determined burglar is still able to succeed. 

The best approach to Home Security is to add as many “layers” as possible to make your community, street and home as challenging a target as possible. For every degree of difficultly and risk you add to the burglar’s task, the more likely your home is to be passed by for an easier target.

Remember, the key to home security is “layers”. Reinforcing your doorway is simply one of the least expensive and most effective layers a homeowner can add.


A single kick can blow open your front door, even with a quality deadbolt. Police, Locksmiths, and Crime Prevention professionals continue to educate the public on the need to include ALL layers of defense to maximize security.


No apparatus (including alarms and Door Devils) can replace a community of vigilant neighbors keeping an eye out for each other and reporting suspicious activity. Know your neighbors and be aware of your neighborhood.


Alarm and Video Systems are excellent deterrents to criminals as they raise the chances the bad guy will be caught or – at minimum – reduce the time criminals have to do bad things.


Reinforcing your door with an anti-kick device – such as the Door Devil – virtually eliminates the possibility of entry through exterior doors by keeping them on the porch.

Secure your home in minutes.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Installing a Door Devil is quick and easy.