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DOOR DEVIL DOOR SECURITY KIT  PREVENTS ANOTHER KICK IN ATTACK! In the  latest Door Devil  customer testimonial;  the  homeowner  insisted that his Builder add Door Devils to all of his exterior doors. His investment repaid him thousands in avoided losses and damages  when  the Door Devil  stopped the burglars from […]

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DOOR  DEVIL MONTHLY DRAWING  PROGRAM DETAILS KEY TENETS Install your Door Devil; take a picture or pictures of your  doorway showing your Door Devil installed Send your pic(s) to List of entrants will be forwarded to Gilhang Financial Group monthly  a  member of the Gilhang Financial Group: CPA Division […]

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Are Door Devils really defending U.S. Embassies?

In JULY 2017,  DOOR  DEVIL  shipped a bulk order for units destined for a U.S. Embassy abroad. For Security reasons the embassy was unable let us know exactly how the units were to be deployed; whether it be on the embassy itself or on the personal residences of embassy staff […]

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Sexy isn’t Enough!

Convenience is sexy and fun; but it’s not Security! The ability to lock your doors, turn your lights off and answer your door from your desk at work is cool, convenient and sexy; But a sexy phone app, wont stop a Meth addict from kicking in your door. Your sexy […]

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Door Security Door Devil Alarm Test

Before you assume that your ALARM OR VIDEO offers adequate security, we encourage you to take this test and check out the video! DOOR DEVIL ALARM TEST DOOR_SECURITY_GOT_ALARM   MISSING HOME SECURITY STEP  

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There is NO Home Security Magic Bullet

Thank you for your visit to Door Devil. If we could leave you with only (1) message, it would be…  There is No Magic Bullet in Home Security. No single product or solution can address all of the vulnerabilities that burglars exploit. Home security should be thought of and addressed in layers.   […]

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