What if Door Devil Won’t work for my Door?

Message from the Owner Clearly, we feel Door Devil is superior to any competing Door Security product in form, function, strength and simplicity. However, there is such a large array of doorway types and configurations that it would be impossible for any single product to address every situation. Admittedly, there […]

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Recessed alarm sensors

Simple summary statement: Your striker plate cannot cover up your alarm sensor, else your alarm will not work. If you have recessed alarm sensors you will need to: determine where they sit on the door frame relative to the center (of the door frame) determine the length of the striker […]

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Why is Door Devil the Product most likely to fit my Door?

The (2) most common factors preventing a doorway reinforcement kit from working on your doorway are: CHALLENGE: The doorway fits too tightly  When the door is closed, a gap of approximately  0.25” separates the door from the door frame.  A challenge of  any doorway reinforcement kit is that the collective […]

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Will Door Devil Fit my Door?

Despite the strength of any door security product… If it wont fit on your doorway: nothing else matters.  If you can answer YES to the following (2) questions; then, Door Devil should fit on your doorway: Close your door and using 2 dimes… Can you run them up and down […]

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Will Door Devil work with Sidelights?

YES. The (4)  functions of the Door Devil Doorway reinforcement kit are: 1.Reinforce the soft wood around the deadbolt receiving hole 2.Diffuse the force across 36” of the door frame 3.Reinforce the portion of the door structurally vulnerable after it was hollowed out to accommodate the deadbolt and door hardware […]

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Will Door Devil Work on French Doors?

NO. The key to  transferring and diffusing the force of the kick is tying into the 2×4 framing behind the door  jamb. French Doors provide no stable anchor to which a steel striker plate can be affixed; therefore, we do NOT recommend Door Devil to be use on French Doors. […]

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