August 18, 2017

Door Security: Do Deadbolt quality and Door condition matter?


(3)  preparation steps were required to achieve the level of door security demonstrated  in our video:



All are links in a chain. If any of them fail; the chain breaks and your doorway  will be breached.



In this demo video…

First, we made sure the Door was in good structural shape.

In our demo, the door is a standard exterior residential metal skinned door.

Despite being approximately 8 years old, the door was determined to be in good structural shape.

If your door shows signs of warping or wood rot in the wooden core or around the hardware;  we suggest you replace the door before investing in a Door Devil as we can’t provide the level of defense shown in the demo unless its on a door on which it is installed is structurally sound.

 Second.. We upgraded the deadbolt from a cheap contractor Grade 3 to a quality GRADE 1  deadbolt. 

Having a cheap deadbolt would have  failed in 1-2 swings of the sledgehammer or kicks.

In our demo, we used a Schlage Grade 1 deadbolt.

LEARN ABOUT  the 2 best   GRADE 1 DEADBOLTS  found at your local hardware store: SCHLAGE VS. KWICKSET. We recommend Schlage.

If money is not an object, the BEST DEADBOLT with respect to Security it is  MEDECO Deabolt. However, Medeco these are only provided by specific and approved Lock smiths.