August 15, 2017

Door Security Discount: First Responder


25% discount

In an effort to thank First Responders, not only for all they do on the job, but also for the stress and strain the rigors their profession places on their families; we would like to make it more affordable to ensure they feel their home and family is as well-defended as possible when they are not home; giving them one less thing to worry about.

In addition, officers have set schedules and typically own multiple firearms. Facts that bad guys may choose is worth the risk of the additional  investigative vigor that will likely follow the B&E of an officer’s residence.


Program Tenets

  • ELIGIBILITY: Any verifiable First Responder or Law Enforcement Professional
  • DISCOUNT: 25%
  • HOW TO QUALIFY/PROVE : Submit a Contact Us form and include your *.gov email address. (eg:; we will email you the discount code to the *.gov email. If  you have and wish to use an alternate method of verification, simply let us know. our goal is to make it simple and easy, yet avoid abuse of the code.
  • HOW TO CLAIM: Use code provided to apply discount to your on-line order
  • UNABLE TO VERIFY: If we are unable to validate your position/department, we must respectfully decline to provide the discount code.

For any questions contact:  817.229.1930