August 5, 2017

Door Security Discount: Active Military


25% discount

Similar to First Responders, we are  eager to show our appreciation to Active Military members.  Not only for all they do ” at work”y, but also for the emotional stress and strain the nature of their profession places on their home life.

We can  help by making it more affordable to ensure they feel their home and family is as well-defended as possible when they are not home; giving them one less thing to worry about.

We simply need to verify that the request is legitimate. Once verified, we will send you via email a 25% discount code good for a single use. You can then place your order an apply the code.


What  about Retired Military?

With  2 of 3 our core team being retired military (including a Viet Nam vet); and with 3 Lt. Colonels  and  ret. Brig. General in our family, we have the utmost respect and appreciation for retired Military members and their contributions. But unfortunately, we are unable to extend the discount to any member but Active Military.

However, if you have extenuating circumstances that warrants us to revisit this policy for your case simply submit a Contact Us form. We will carefully consider its merit.


Program Details

  • ELIGIBILITY: Anyone that we can verify is Active Military
  • DISCOUNT: 25%
  • DISCOUNT MOQ: 1pc.
  • HOW TO QUALIFY & CLAIM:  simply email us using your military * address; we will send the discount code to that address. if you have  another simple method for us to validate your status, let us know. our objective is to make the process quick and simple, but  defend against its abuse.
  • UNABLE TO VERIFY: If we are unable to validate your position/department, we must respectfully decline to provide the request for the discount code.

For any questions contact:  817.229.1930