August 19, 2017

Why is Door Devil the Product most likely to fit my Door?

The (2) most common factors preventing a doorway reinforcement kit from working on your doorway are:

CHALLENGE: The doorway fits too tightly 

When the door is closed, a gap of approximately  0.25” separates the door from the door frame.  A challenge of  any doorway reinforcement kit is that the collective width of all of its components cannot exceed the width of that gap; else, the door will or close too tightly and not operate properly.



ANSWER: Because Door Devil’s patent–pending arch & fillet design; we can use a thinner steel than competitors yet still withstand 2,000 lbs of force ; a combination of strength, function and form no competitor can match.



CHALLENGE: Lock spacing 

A reinforcement plate must accommodate the spacing of your striker bolt and deadbolt. While most doorways are 5.50” apart (as this is standard); some are different.  Door Devil’s configuration offers the widest array of spacings.





ANSWER:Door Devil will accommodate any lock spacing between 0 and 15” (on center).