August 20, 2017

What if Door Devil Won’t work for my Door?

Message from the Owner

Clearly, we feel Door Devil is superior to any competing Door Security product in form, function, strength and simplicity.

However, there is such a large array of doorway types and configurations that it would be impossible for any single product to address every situation.

Admittedly, there are doorway configurations and scenarios for which the Door Devil will not  be the best solution.

Examples of these scenarios include (but not be limited to):

  • French or double doors
  • Patio or sliding doors
  • Mortised locksets
  • Doors not 1.75” wide
  • Doorways that do not pass the “2 dimes test”

To fortify these doorways, you will need to investigate other vendors and products.

Certainly, our objective is to generate sales, but above that…

Door Devil’s Mission is  to educate as many homeowners as possible that Home Security should be looked at in layers of Deterrents (eg: alarm systems)  AND Defensive components (eg: doorway reinforcement).  Each has strengths and weaknesses; but you need a mix of both.

If we are unable to provide the defensive component; then, we want to send you to a vendor that can; even if it is a competitor. If our products will not suit your needs, please visit

Of all the competing vendors and products; why do we recommend this vendor?

Over time,  Big Boy Alarm companies have successfully convinced the general population that the only option to defend against kick-in attacks is to purchase an alarm system.

As we repeatedly acknowledge, alarms are a very effective layer of defense, but…

the conclusion that an Alarm system is the Magic Bullet for home security is grossly inaccurate.

Home Security requires layers. Door Security defends against the #1 threat and the least expensive to implement, thus should be the first layer.



As a small Texas-based company, Door Devil can’t  reach enough home-owners  with this message.

It is in our direct interest to support other reputable vendors sincerely committed to this same educational objective (functioning indirectly in a competitive educational partnership). Most “door security” products found on Google & Amazon stand no chance at meeting the expectations set in their propaganda, staged demos and claims. From our experience, Armor Concepts seems to be one of the only quality and reputable vendors sincerely committed to a similar education objective  as Door Devil.

Homeowners win with significantly improved home security; Alarm Companies win  as  our  door security products make their product more effective; reputable door security vendors win because there is an increased awareness for quality door security products.

Furthermore, they produce the only other  door security product, that i would trust to have on my home. and to my knowledge do not participate in deceptive/unscrupulous competitive tactics, such as poisoning wells with fake reviews, misrepresenting the degree of protection a customer can expect in a real-life kick-in attack of 800 lbs of force.

For these reasons, if Door Devil will not work on your home for any reason; I recommend that you next visit Armor Concepts to see if they can help.

Thank you for your visit,

Nick Fairless, owner

Door Devil