August 10, 2017

Will Door Devil work with Sidelights?


The (4)  functions of the Door Devil Doorway reinforcement kit are:

1.Reinforce the soft wood around the deadbolt receiving hole

2.Diffuse the force across 36” of the door frame

3.Reinforce the portion of the door structurally vulnerable after it was hollowed out to accommodate the deadbolt and door hardware

4.Reinforce the hinge side of the doorway

Objectives still met by installing a Door Devil on a door with sidelights.

 What  else do I need to know about sidelight installation?

Every doorway is unique with respect to how far from the actual door frame the sidelights were installed. The Door Devil kit includes set treated and tempered 3.5” long screws. For most doorways with sidelights, these 3.5” will be too long and should NOT  be used as they make impinge upon the sidelight framework and crack  the glass.

If you have sidelights you will need to assess your doorway configuration and determine a safe length of screw to use.

Typically,  a 2.00” – 2.50” Size #12 Wood Screw is the correct choice. These shorter screws are not provided in Door Devil kit; but a set of 6pcs can be found at your local Ace Hardware store for approximately $1.50.

The key to transferring  of force of the kick is tying into the 2×4 framing behind the door jamb. With sidelights, a degree of the anchor the Door Devil relies upon for its strength is not in play on a doorway with sidelights as it does not have the same structural stability as a standard door frame; thus and admittedly we cannot claim the same 2,000 lbs of force protection.