August 19, 2017

IMPORTANT: Before Ordering… Read This!

Similar to the decision of a homeowner to install additional deadbolts…

By installing a Door Devil on your doorway you understand and acknowledge the risk that this may delay the Good Guys (First Responders) from entering your home in the event of an emergency.


The Door Devil is designed to stop anyone from defeating the doorway using brute force. It cannot tell the difference between the Good Guys trying to help you and Crack addicts trying to get your TV.

Beware of this fact before installing Door Devils



First Responders have tools to separate the doors and door jamb for difficult doorways; but  when every second counts





Providing visible signage lets them know to immediately employ more aggressive methods to make entry into your home and not waste valuable time attempting to unsuccessfully kick down your door.

Posting the ANTI-KICK yard sign can minimize this risk.