Police Officer Testimonials

Door Devil is trusted by law enforcement and proven to work in real-life situations. We are proud to share these testimonials from police officers.

Burglar Attacks | Door Devil Prevents Entry

“The homeowner (and Police Officer) installed a Door Devil on their family home only weeks before the attack. While running errands during the day, a neighbor spotted bad guys on the front porch taking turns trying to kick in the front door. While on the phone for help, the witness watched them run away after multiple unsuccessful attempts to break down a door fortified with a Door Devil. The Officer sent us the crime scene photo.” – Responding Officer

Burglars Return | Door Devil Defends Home

“I answered a call where I saw the Door Devil work first hand. I responded to a burglary of residence….when I arrived with another officer, we noticed the front door had been kicked multiple times….the homeowner arrived home and was able to cofirm nothing was taken. The owner informed us that this was the second time someone had kicked the door.The homeowner purchased a Door Devil for thier door after the first burglary. This time the Door Devil appeared to be successful in stopping the burglary of the home. After seeing the success of the Door Devil, I purchased one for my home.” – Responding Officer

Door Devil Stops Another Burglary | Officer Impressed

“I was very impressed with the Door Devil and look forward to putting it on my house….It appears the suspect stood with his back to the door and kicked backwards with a great deal of force but was unable to defeat the Door Devil. I specifically took a picture of the door to show …how the Door Devil kept the door and the frame in place. Normally, when I respond to burglaries where the door has been kicked in, I find the door damaged and the door frame lying on the floor by pieces of the door lock. Not this time. I’m very impressed and excited about buying mine.” – Impressed Officer

Deputy Compares Products – Picks Door Devil

“…the recurring problem during these break-ins is door latch failure. I spent a great deal of time…looking for a solution to some of the break -ins that have occurred…I spent a good portion of my time comparing your product to…others and I always come back to yours.” – Impressed Officer

Officer Runs Into Door Devil | Very Impressed

“An Officer called us about his experience. He stated that he ran into a Door Devil in the field. He noted that he kicked the door 14 times with no success. Finally, he decided to use the back sliding glass door instead. With the situation secure, he went to the front door to see what type of door security was installed. It was a Door Devil™.” – Impressed Officer

Door Devil Saves Woman From Enraged Ex-Husband

“I was dispatched to an apartment with a female saying her ex was kicking the door. When we arrived, the door was still secure and he was unable to make entry [because it had a Door Devil]. Upon further inspection, I noticed they even installed it incorrectly [only two screws secured it to the doorframe] and it did not budge. Very impressive!”Responding Officer

Every House Should Have One

“I’m a Police Officer. I bought a couple Door Devils [for my home] and would like to buy a couple more from you in the near future. Also, I went on a call today at guy’s house that is a Federal Police Officer. I mentioned the Door Devil and he was definitely interested in getting a couple of them….I wish every house had them!”Impressed Officer

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