How It Works

What Is the Door Devil?

Door Devil is a doorway reinforcement kit that defends your home against the common kick-in burglary attack. The components fortify each of the Doorway’s Failure Points by simply affixing to the existing door and doorframe.

how it works

Door Failure Points
The standard U.S. doorway has (3) weaknesses that criminals exploit:

  1. Door Frame
  2. The Door Itself
  3. Hinge Area

The most critical weakness is the door frame (door jamb). This is the point most likely to fail if not reinforced. The 2nd critical point is the area on the door itself hollowed out to accommodate the door hardware. The third area to fortify is the Hinge side of the door.

Doorframe Reinforcement | 48″ Steel Anti-Kick Plate

The 48″ steel door reinforcement plate has been independently tested to withstand nearly 1,000 (foot pounds) lbfs of pressure.The door security strike plate is powder coated Classic White or Premium Brown for professional presentation. The Door Devil™ will fit any standard doorway.

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Door Security | Door Guard

Once the door jamb is fortified, the weak point of your doorway becomes the door itself.The area around the door knob and deadbolt is especially vulnerable because it has been hollowed out to accommodate the door hardware. Adding a Door Guard significantly increases the door’s strength.

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Hinge Reinforcement | Hinge Bolts

Although rare, bad guys also attack the hinge-side of the doorway. To provide TOTAL Door protection, the Door Devil™ kit includes (2) Hinge Bolt sets to fortify the hinge-side of your doorway.

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Crime Prevention | Door Security Yard Sign

The ultimate goal is to prevent the crime before it begins. Affix the yard sign to your existing Alarm sign to advertise that your home is the hardest target on the block

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