October 10, 2017

What makes Door Devil better than stuff I can buy at Hardware store?

Response to Drew Lambert’s Question:

Q: What’s the difference between the plates and longer screws I can buy at the hardware store? Are these better? Why?

  1.  CONVENIENCE: First and foremost,  Door Devil addresses all 3 weakpoints on the doorway in single kit.



2.  STRIKER PLATE LENGTH: Mechanical Engineering testing showed force from a kick to radiate up to 18″ in either direction from the  deadbolt hole. You will not find striker plates longer than 12″ in the hardware stores; thus, you are not maximizing the diffusive characteristics of  longer striker plate with anything less than 36″.  not only do we diffuse the force acrosss the plate, but our patent-pending  arch& fillet design also diffuses the force within the deadbolt receiving hole itself; making a significant contribution to our documented ability to withstand an estimated 2,000 lbf – a claim no other product has documented proof to make such a claim(especially the  “one-off” items at the hardware store)

3.  COMBINED COMPONENTS: admittedly, what we sell isn’t rocket science, but a challenge difficult to address was the fact that if you don’t reinforce both the door frame and door itself, the force will simply transfer to the other and blow it out – letting bad guys in.  The “challenge”was that combined; the added bandwidth could not take more than approximately 1/6”. Clearly the obvious answer is to reduce the metal gauge; which most competitors do, but in doing so  significantly weaken the unit to the point of failure; as shown in an actual crime scene photos here:



Door Devil, reduced the steel gauge, but only after modifying the design with the patent pending Arch& fillet to approximate the strength of the thicker steel, despite having made it thinner. That was the  “rocket science” we can claim.

 THE POINT: Most will likely be unable to cobble together a set of one-off items hat will collectively fit on the doorways.

4.  CUSTOM SCREWS:  after attempting to use standard a screws we  learned we needed custom made screws that has a combination of 2 key requirements that you will not find in off the shelf  screws:

a) heat tempered: else  the force of a 800-1,000 lbf kick can bend or shear  standard alloy screws

b)  square drive: older homes especially have harder wood; the longer 3″ screws generate significant friction and often cause the heads to strip. From experience, i can tell you that  nothing will make you say bad words out loud like getting a 3″ screw seated 2 inches deep only to have the head strip; it requires pliers to remove (if you are lucky); thus our custom screws could save you hours on the install time and can be counted on to stand up to the kick force.

5.   FINALLY:  Assuming you can find all the parts and they fit; it would cost  approximately $40. we’ve  developed a product ( combination of components) that has been repeatedly proven to work “in real life situations”.  Is the $50 savings worth the inevitable and constant doubt you would have about the “Frankensteined” solution on your doorway and whether it would work as you hope/expect?; especially if you have kids.