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Owner and Founder

Door Devil Owner Nick Fairless


Founded in 2008, Door Devil is a small family- owned brand based in Dallas TX.  Door Devil is led by Nick Fairless; an IT Project Manager and IT Systems Analyst by trade.


Door Devil Vision

Change the homeowner’s minimum expectation of a home security system; by...making available a defensive component which is so easy- to- install, effective & affordable that it defies common sense to exclude it from any home security package or preparation.

Sales & Product Development: Tom Fairless/Pioneer Products, LLC

Tom Fairless (owner of Pioneer Products, LLC) has been instrumental in nearly every facet of the Door Devil’s evolution which includes but not limited to product development and building a network with Law enforcement agencies, Locksmiths & handymen. Door Devil simply would not exist without Pioneer Products, LLC and, specifically, Tom.

Tom is a proud Viet Nam Vet with over 50 years of sales experience.

Door Devil Tom Fairless Door Devil Tom Fairless Vintage

Finance: Gilhang Financial Group

Door Devil Financial Partner Gilhang & Hays

When other Investment groups would not listen; Gilhang Financial Group’s leadership listened and had the ability to see the market potential and Door Devil’s vision; and how it could materially impact the $100B Home Security industry. They provided guidance and investor contacts in our period of greatest need. I will be eternally grateful for their trust and belief in me, personally. We would have never succeeded without them.  Their ability to see the value where others do not is just one of the reasons to trust The Gilhang Group. 

Nick Fairless, owner Door Devil

Warehousing and Fulfillment: Elite Fulfillment Solutions

Door Devil Fulfillment Partner Elite Fulfillment Solutions

When our customers place an order, it is pulled and shipped by an award-winning Fulfillment center; the same team trusted by Microsoft to provide their new brick & mortar stores with product. Additionally, their volume discounts with shipping carriers minimizes the shipping expense which we must pass to our customers. This ensures our customers that their purchase has been shipped on- time, accurately and affordably.  If you have a business whose  product requires warehousing & fulfillment solution; I cannot provide a higher recommendation than EFS.   

Nick Fairless, owner Door Devil

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