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Will Door Devil fit my Door?

Door Devil will fit any standard constructed doorway. 

 There is an est. 95% chance that your doorway meets these requirements:

Standard doorway elements

Which (4) odd scenarios would prevent Door Devil from fitting my door in 15 minutes?

1) French or Double doors: Door Devil will not fit

2) Odd Lockset spacing: older doors or homes may have the deadbolt installed more than 6" apart from the striker bolt (door knob bolt); if this spacing is greater than 6"; then, Door Devil will not fit.

3) Door fits too tightly already: WITH THE DOOR CLOSED, if 2 dimes will not slide freely between your door and the doorframe; then, Door Devil will not fit. 

3) Copper/brass weather stripping: if you have the old Copper/brass weather stripping, Door Devil WILL FIT, but a 13" section of the copper stripping must first  be removed to allow the Door Devil plate to set flush onto the doorframe. 

 Door Devil fits into spaces others cannot

Door Devil's patent-pending smaller, thinner, stronger footprint was specifically engineered to save space and fit more doorways than any other door reinforcement solution. 

Rounded corners for less clearance needs

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