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DD48: CLEARANCE 48"  Kit
DD48: CLEARANCE 48"  Kit
Door Devil white classic 48-inch model
DD48: CLEARANCE 48"  Kit


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1) The kit is anchored by a our longest 48” striker plate which accommodates the  2nd deadbolt commonly found on multi-family and rental doorways.

Once it was determined that no material kick force was experienced by any more than 13” of the striker plate; we discontinued the production of the longer 48" units because the extra length needlessly increased your cost &  installation time. 

2) This is the same model ordered by a U.S. Embassy. 

3) The 48” units are being sold at $49 closeout prices and as a liquidation item, this model cannot be refunded or returned.

4) Installs in approximately 30-45 minutes.

5) $49 compares to competitor's units sold at $89-$99